How to Test a Dryer Heating Element

 If your dryer runs, but is not heating, then your heating element may be broken. Below are the steps on how to test your heating element. *works for all brands of dryer elements. The dryer element runs off of 220 volts and gets gets red hot creating heat. Click here to shop for a full list of heating elements.

Step 1. Look for breaks in the coils. 

broken heating coil

Sometimes by just squeezing the coils with your fingers you will be able to find a break. If you do then you know for sure the coils are bad and will need to be replaced. To find your exact heating element follow the steps below. Otherwise move on to step 2.

Step 2. Get a multi-meter that can read continuity and/or resistance.

Continuity symbol looks like this: continuity

and resistance symbol looks like this: resistance

Step 3. Set your multi-meter to continuity and or resistance.

test for continuity and resistance

If you have continuity then when you put each end of the leads together you will get a "beeping" noise. If you have resistance then when you touch each end of the leads together you will get a 0 displayed on your screen. If you have both you will get the beeping noise and the zero.

Step 4. Touch each end of the leads to each of the terminals on the dryer element. *does not matter which lead goes to which terminal.

test heating element

If you get a beeping noise and or anything near a 10 displayed on your screen then your dryer element is good. Otherwise your element is bad and will need to be replaced.

How to Find the Right Heating Element

Dryer heating elements come in all different shapes and sizes. Not all Kenmore dryers use the same heating element, and the same goes for all brands including Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, G.E, and more. You can find the right heating element for your dryer by following the steps below.

Step 1. Find your model number.

You can usually find your model number underneath the door of your dryer on the body. Examples are shown below.

dryer model number

2. Enter your model number in the search bar above by putting quotations around it.

Example for computers.

electric dryer element

Example for phones.

home page

Feb 7th 2018 Robert A Jimenez

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