How Much Does a Dryer Heating Element Cost?

An electric dryer uses a heating element that gets red hot to generate heat. The heat then travels through the drum and out the ventilation tube. There is a thermostat located near the element that is rated between two temperatures and allows the flow of electricity to turn on and off the heating element to maintain the temperature within that range. For more information click here to Contact Us.

The Price

The price of an electric dryer heating element can range anywhere from $25 to $60. Elements for Bosch dryers are much higher and can range into the $100 range. There are many manufacturers and different brands. OEM's are original equipment manufactures made directly by the company such as Whirlpool, Samsung, GE or LG and will be a little more pricey. Aftermarkets are cheaper in price and are made by third party manufactures. Link to shop for dryer elements

Testing a Heating Element

Why Did My Heating Element Brake?

This is a common question we get. Depending on how much you use your dryer will dictate how often your heating element will give out. A typical heating element can last any where between 5 to 10 years. In many cases it is either common wear and tear or to much lint build up that causes the element to brake. The coils on the element are constantly heating up to over 100 degrees fahrenheit. This causes stress on the coils and will eventually brake. If you have a lot of lint build up it can cause the dryer to heat up more rapidly and place more strain on the element.

Sep 29th 2018

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